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Andrea is a Commercial Photographer, originally from
Woodstock, NY. After completing a Bachelor of Fine Art
in Photography at Savannah College of Art and Design
she returned to the Hudson Valley in 2006. From 2008-2013
Andrea created and ran Cabane Studios Fine Art Gallery
in the heart of Phoenicia, NY. In 2013 Andrea decided to
close the Gallery aspect of Cabane Studios to focus
primarily on her Commercial and Fine Art Photography.

Cabane Studios specializes in catalog and product photography
including, soft and hard goods, jewelry, food, illustration
and portraiture. We are available for studio or location
photography and are happy to work with your designer

My Fine Art Photography is an ongoing series of our
constantly evolving American landscape and what it means
in a broader context about our culture. Common scenes
that we often overlook become icons as time inevitably
moves on. Lets chat about your latest project.


Great imagery sells more product faster!

Please contact me via phone, email or telepathy:

845 . 750 . 9073

andrea (at)